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Version 3.0 Build 25 Summary
2 New, 7 Fixes, and 1 Miscellaneous features Released on 08/16/2002
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New Features - Build 25
 1. When inserting a document that contains a group into a group in the existing quote, you now have the option to insert this information if you allow the group attributes to be removed.

 2. When using the configurator, and selecting a grouped bundle and the configuration is grouped, when you get the message asking if you want to use the grouped bundle as a simple bundle, QuoteWerks will now apply that choice to any other grouped bundles encountered in the configuration. In these instances, the configurator window will now close after the configured items have been added to the quote.

Misc Features - Build 25
 1. The Import Document window now remembers your selections for how to proceed when the document is detected and not detected in the database.

Fixes - Build 25
 1. On the Product Import Wizard Destination tab, if update mode selected, and no fields to update are in list and you click on the [<] button, error occurred.

 2. If you set the group header line qty to 0, and save the document, when you open the document, you would get an error message saying that the bundle quantity was 0, resetting to 1.

 3. Products that using a pricing method of Customer Based Price Levels, in certain areas like the configurator, you would receive the error message "Error: The ReturnCustomerLevelBasedPriceFromArray() was passed an empty gPricingLevels array."

 4. If an invalid login id or password was supplied to log into SalesLogix, an error would occur in QuoteWerks.

 5. When a filter dialog value prompt was used for a date type field, a message saying the date was invalid would always be displayed.

 6. When sending an email and using ACT! as your contact manager, a message would be displayed saying that the currently displayed ACT! contact's email address did not match the email address of the sent email, so the email would not be logged in history. This message was incorrect.

 7. When editing a product definition, and selecting formula based pricing, and saving the change, the change would not be saved.