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Version 3.0 Build 20 Summary
13 New, 7 Fixes, and 6 Miscellaneous features Released on 01/02/2002
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New Features - Build 20
 1. Support for TeleMagic 5.0 contact management software has been added! You can now use your TeleMagic contact information in your quotes, and a link to the QuoteWerks quote is created in the TeleMagic contacts Associated Files list.

 2. You can now include a picture with each line item in your quote. You can control where the picture is printed, what size it is, etc. using the layout designer. You have additional control over when to print the pictures for the line items using the new "Print Picture" line item attribute.

 3. When creating a new product/service in a QuoteWerks native product database, the default pricing method for the new product will be retrieved from the Price modifier specified on the Document Items tab of the Tools|Options menu.

 4. When QuoteWerks creates a GoldMine linked document, by default it sets the ownership of the document to PUBLIC. There is now a new ini key AssignOwnerToGoldMineLinkedDoc=-1 that you can set under the [Contact Managers] section of the site.ini file to Assign the currently logged in GoldMine user as the linked document owner.

 5. On the QuoteWerks tab of the Products|Setup Product Databases menu there is now a right click menu for the product databases, and there is a new "Clone" menu item to clone a product database.

 6. Added new time saving "Save & Preview" button to the Edit Report window.

 7. Required Item properties now supports the setting of the line item type to product,comment,or subtotal, and also displays the description of the product. All of the line item attributes are now also supported for a required item.

 8. The Edit selection container item window no has more options for bundle type items.

 9. The product import wizard can now import text files that use delimiters other than tab or comma.

 10. The product import wizard now has a new interface for selecting template files.

 11. Macro &SYS_FirstDayOfThisWeekForSQL was added for use in report filters.

 12. Macro functions like ~GMW_Macro(ACCOUNTNO), ~ACT_Macro(), ~Max_Macro() can now be used in the value field of a report filter item. This can be used to automate a report that automatically displays a list of all products sold to the currently active contact record in GoldMine, ACT, Maximizer.

 13. The QuoteWerks management report writer can now create reports based on your product databases such as product and pricing catalogs. Product catalogs can now also include pictures of the products. This new feature enables you to easily create a product catalog with customer based pricing in it so that the prices displayed in the price catalog are specific to the customer you are creating it for!

Misc Features - Build 20
 1. Add a "Sort Field..." right click menu in layout designer.

 2. When editing a management report, the report name now appears in the window title.

 3. When converting quotes to orders or invoices, and the option to give quotes/orders/invoices separate number sequences is set, or the option to preserve the document when converting the document is set, the DateCreated field of the document now gets set to the date of the conversion enabling you to find out when the document was converted to an order.

 4. If you cancel the GoldMine convert forecast to completed sale dialog, you will now be warned that doing so will cause data inconsistency between QuoteWerks and GoldMine.

 5. The PDF printer driver used to create pdf files through QuoteWerks will now remain after QuoteWerks has been exited on Windows NT/2000 machines. This is required for correct Windows Terminal Server and Citrix support, and was changed in response to the new pdf creating behavior introduced into build 19.

 6. If QuoteWerks is configured for more than 2 decimal places, when a sales opportunity is written to ACT, the number is rounded to two decimals.

Fixes - Build 20
 1. When deleting a product folder, all products that were associated with the folder now have their folderid reset to 0.

 2. When bundles were used as items in a configuration, the default qty was 0.

 3. When sending emails from QuoteWerks, the date/time stamp was incorrect for German users.

 4. When renaming a document template, QuoteWerks tried to update the associated records in GoldMine or ACT, however QuoteWerks does not write any information about document templates into the contact managers.

 5. Rare runtime error 380 when displaying the product lookup form, triggered by a user running QuoteWerks on a network from more than one workstation with different video resolutions..

 6. Setting the default price modifier to manual on the DocumentItems tab of the Tools|Options menu would not stay, and would always revert to P20.

 7. Volume pricing and customer based price level pricing features would only accept prices that contained up to 2 decimal places.