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Version 3.0 Build 18 Summary
45 New, 14 Fixes, and 7 Miscellaneous features Released on 10/08/2001
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New Features - Build 18
 1. IMPORTANT! With the addition of the new GoldMine features designed to work with GoldMine 4.0 or later, QuoteWerks will no longer support versions of GoldMine earlier than 4.0.

 2. GoldMine Opportunities Manager features are now supported.

 3. Added support for Title, Phone, Fax, and Email fields for Ship To contact information.

 4. We have added support for new CustomText06 through CustomText10, CustomDate01, CustomDate02, CustomNumber01, CustomNumber02 fields on the Custom tab of the quote workbook.

 5. We have added support for new CustomText06 through CustomText10,CustomDate01, CustomDate02, CustomNumber01, CustomNumber02, CustomMemo01, CustomMemo02 columns on the Document Items tab of the quote workbook, and also on the Custom tab of the Edit Product window.

 6. Added new CloseProbability column to the DocumentItems tab to be used for forecasting probability at the line item level.

 7. Bundles can now be cloned.

 8. We moved the "Enabled GoldMine synchronization" option from the GoldMine area of the Contacts |Setup Contact Manager menu to the Installation tab of the Tools|Options menu, and renamed it to "Look for synchronized data.". When this option is checked and you use the built-in QuoteWerks contact manager, when you save a quote, a dtf file for the quote will be created in the \quotewerks\dtf folder. If you use the built-in QuoteWerks contact manager, ACT, Maximizer or Outlook, now when you double click on a linked attachment, QuoteWerks will import that document into its database if it does not exist, and update the existing document in the database if it is older. Since Maximizer, ACT, Outlook, and QuoteWerks does not have an automatic mechanism to transport these files, with this new behavior, if you provide your own mechanism for transferring these files, then QuoteWerks can take over from there.

 9. The products bar tool bar is now named "Quick Lookup", and now supports the ability to lookup a VENDOR part number in addition to a manufacturer part number and add it to the quote. The last used field and product database values selected are now also remembered for the next time.

 10. GoldMine completed sales created by QuoteWerks can now also be updated when saving changes to existing QuoteWerks orders/invoices.

 11. From the Print Preview window, you can now save the preview to an Adobe Acrobat PDF file anywhere you like. This feature adds to the existing ability to save the preview as RTF, Text, and HTML format.

 12. When emailing a quote from the Preview window, that attached quote can now be in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

 13. PDF formatted product spec sheets and literature pages are now supported. However, pdf formatted product spec sheets and literature pages can only be used when emailing the quote, and not when printing the quote.

 14. Spec sheets can now reside any any directory instead of only the \QuoteWerks\Specs directory.

 15. Added new DTF file related security setting "Allow file to be opened by installations using a different serial #." to the Installation tab of the Tools|Options menu. This can be used in rare cases when two or more branches of a company need to use their own master license keys instead of entering all the master license keys into the one installation, and then creating remote site license keys.

 16. GoldMine interface dialogs are now easier to use with autopopulating GoldMine user name drop drop lists, and cancel buttons.

 17. We put back the ability to convert a line item between a product/service item and a comment line item. This functionality is found under the Edit|Item Properties menu. The Item Attribute functionality that used to be found under the Edit|Item Properties menu is now under the Edit|Item Attributes menu.

 18. SubTotal, Running Subtotal, % Charge, and %discount line items can now be flagged with the "Don't Print" Item attribute using the Edit|Item Attributes menu. Product/Service and comment line items types already had this functionality.

 19. Added &DH_FOB, &DH_Terms, and &DH_SoldToPONumber macro support to cover and literature pages.

 20. When sending an email and you use a dialup service and you are not currently connected, QuoteWerks will remember the last dialup connection name and user id that you used so that you do not have to retype it.

 21. Added misc security rights CannotCreateF2LookupValue, CannotModifyF2LookupValue, CannotDeleteF2LookupValue.

 22. Added feature to allow users to manually overide the alternate currency calculation for the AlternateUnitCost, AlternateUnitPrice,and AlternateUnitList columns.

 23. Send email window now offers a "request return receipt" option.

 24. The report filter designer now allows you to insert expressions instead of just being able to add them.

 25. GoldMine Users, Added Reference field column display when clicking on [...] button of Sale Info tab.

 26. GoldMine Users, Added ini setting in {username}.ini [Preferences] section called "LostSaleResultCode=", and "CompletedSaleResultCode=" defaults for use when completing sales or losing sales.

 27. The DocStatus field can now be changed from the File|Convert to Order and File|Convert to Invoice menus.

 28. Results on the File|Open window can now be sorted by the DocStatus field.

 29. We have added additional operator support such as Begins with, contains, etc to the Tools|Find Quoted Item menu that lets you find out what quotes a specific manufacturer part number was used in.

 30. GoldMine Users, when completing a forecasted sale, or creating a new completed sale, you can now specify the result code.

 31. The Edit|Apply Quantity menu now allows you to multiply select line items quantities by a number in addition to alowing you to set a specific quantity for selected line items.

 32. Added a setting to the Internet tab of the Tools|My Preferences menu that lets you set an alternate port for your SMTP server connection.

 33. Report filter now has a new operator "Does not Contain".

 34. Added toolbar buttons for the bundles and configurator.

 35. There is now a new option in the print layout designer under the Report|Options menu called "Always print to windows default printer"

 36. The print layout designer now supports the ability to hold down the CTRL key and click on multiple objects to allow you to select multiple objects at one time. This new feature is added in addition to the original less intuitive multiple select feature.

 37. Formula expressions in the print layout designer can now be much longer.

 38. A new date format option was added to the print layout designer that will pull the short date or long date format from the Windows control panel.

 39. A new system field was added to the layout designer called SORT_ITEM_COUNT which counts the number of records printed inside the sort header or footer in which it is placed.

 40. The product import wizard now accepts "Y","N","YES","NO","TRUE", "FALSE" as values for the Taxable flag when importing in addition to the standard 1 and 0.

 41. For Outlook users, you can now specify the name of the public contacts folder that you want to use instead of the default when using the Outlook shared public contacts.

 42. For products from the Tech Data, Merisel, or Ingram Micro databases are copied into a native product database, when these products are selected to be added to the quote from the surrogate native product database, the latest cost value will be automaitcally retrieved from the Tech Data, Merisel, or Ingram Micro database.

 43. The vendor price comparison window now has an [Export to Clipboard] button that lets you export this information to the Windows clipboard so that you can paste it into another application like Microsoft Excel.

 44. Added new field alignment formatting option of "Justify" in the print layout designer.

 45. Added new &APP_LoggedInUserName, &APP_LoggedInUserTitle, &APP_LoggedInUserPhone, &APP_LoggedInUserFax, &APP_LoggedInUserEmail macro support for the cover page.

Misc Features - Build 18
 1. The cover page item list and the literature sheet item listed is now sorted alphabetically.

 2. When specifying a date in the report filter dialog, if a "." was used to separate the month/day/year, it is now automatically replaced with a "/". This is required because the filter engine only supports the "/" symbol as a date separator.

 3. When forecasting sales in GoldMIne, QuoteWerks now also updates the forecast field on the GoldMine contact's Summary tab.

 4. The node installation used to automatically backup files replaced during the installation to the c:\windows\system\qwbackup (or c:\winnt\system\qwbackup for win nt)folder. Now, the backup files are saved to the c:\Program Files\Uninstall Information\QuoteWerksNode folder, and you have the option to select a different folder.

 5. Fixed issue that happens when GoldMine 5.5 is installed on top of GoldMine 5.0 on a Windows 2000 machine. GoldMine 5.0 used older spell checking control than QuoteWerks causing an error when starting QuoteWerks.

 6. The medic utility will now warn you that you cannot repair or compact the security.mdb file because it is encrypted.

 7. When adding an item to a SIMPLE bundle, the item will no longer default with the Hide Price attribute.

Fixes - Build 18
 1. Performance problems with ACT 2000 integration.

 2. Problem when saving preview to an rtf file, sometimes some of the font sizes were changed.

 3. Page number field now continues the count across all cover page, print layout, and literature information.

 4. Problem with spacing between letters on certain fonts being to wide.

 5. Changed the way that the alternate currency extended columns like AlternateExtendedCost, AlternateExtendedPrice, and AlternateExtendedList are calculated. They used to be calculated by applying the exchange rate to the base price extended values.

 6. When setting a native product databases, QuoteWerks no longer allows product database alias names to be the same.

 7. When saving as an RTF file from the Print Preview window the font size of certain objects would be increased.

 8. In the build 16 QuickBooks export, we used to replace the double-quote symbol used as example like 19" monitor as 19 inch monitor which was not desirable for all users. In build 17, we made a change that replaced all double-quote symbols with two single-quote symbols. We did this because QuickBooks does not support the importing of double-quote symbols. However there was an issue in build 17 where only the first double-quote symbol was replaced, instead of all of the double-quote symbols, which caused information to be missing in the QuickBooks items list, and invoice/estimate.

 9. The &SYS_TodaysDateForSQL macro was not working.

 10. When passing parameters to functions, if you passed expressions as parameters, you could possibly get unexpected results if you did not wrap them inside of a pair of parenthesis.

 11. Problem when adding an expression or formula field value to a date.

 12. If you cancelled the selection of a file for a repair or compact procedure, the procedure was run again on the last selected file.

 13. On the destination tab of the Product Import Wizard, the Ingram Micro external databases was being included in the list and should not have been since you can only import data into native product database.

 14. Fields from the Application macro table could not be used in management reports.