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Version: 4.6    Build: 1.06    Release Date: 12/20/2010     Type: Fix     View All Features in Build
Approval requirements for document margin under/over %, and single item under/over % would say "approval not required" when attempting to use the Print Window [Request Approval] button. You will now need to re-open and save the approval requirements window to correct this.
Version: 4.6    Build: 1    Release Date: 12/15/2010     Type: New     View All Features in Build
Approvals. Have you ever had a sales rep email a quote to a customer that you wished you had reviewed before the customer received it? You now have that power within QuoteWerks! With the new Approval Requirements feature you can require that your sales reps obtain approval from you before a quote can be printed, emailed, or uploaded to QuoteValet. You can activate the Approval requirement per sales rep, and define under which conditions the approval is required and by who the approval needs to be obtained from. An Approval requirement can be triggered on a document or line item level. For example, if any single item's margin is less than 5%, then this quote requires an approval, or if the margin on the entire quote is less than 15%, then this quote requires an approval. When an approval is required, you can specify who is authorized to approve the quote. For example, if the quote amount is greater than 10,000 it requires the single approval from the sales reps manager. If the quote amount is greater than 50,000 then it requires a single approval from an escalated approver such as the CEO. If the quote amount is greater than 100,000 then it requires multiple approvals from escalated approvers such as the CEO and CFO. There are many different scenarios that can be accounted for. The Approval Requirements are setup Under the Utilities->User Maintenance menu. Select a user and click on the [Edit] button. From there, click on the Documents tab, and then click on the [Document Approval Settings] button. From there you can specify the approval requirements. When an approval is required, the user can request it by selecting the [Request Approval] button on the File|Print window. When used with the optional QuoteValet subscription, the approval features are greatly extended.
Version: 4.6    Build: 1    Release Date: 12/15/2010     Type: New     View All Features in Build
Unified Print, Share, Publish Deliver window. The Print window has been re-designed to support the new Microsoft Word merging, QuoteValet, Save as PDF, Peer Review, and Approval features. On the surface it may look familiar, but underneath it behaves very differently. Now, on the Layout tab, you can choose <None>. This is useful if you just want to print a cover page or some literature, etc without printing a quote layout. Another difference on this tab is that you can now choose a Word document template from this tab. The word documents stored in the \Layouts\Quotes folder will appear in this tab. From this window, you have always been able to choose a layout, a cover page, multiple literature files, multiple spec sheets, and multiple files from the links tab. You can still do this, but now the layout is seamlessly either the built-in layout or an external word document template. When you select an .rtf cover page in addition, QuoteWerks automatically behind the scenes merges the macros in the RTF file, converts the RTF file to a PDF file, and then merges that PDF file with the PDF file output from the Word merge. The same happens for all the files on the Literature, Spec Sheet, and Links tabs. On the Links tab there is even more functionality. If you selected a Word document on the Links tab, then QuoteWerks will merge that Word document, convert it to a PDF file and then merge it with the other PDF output into one final PDF output.
Version: 4.6    Build: 1    Release Date: 12/15/2010     Type: New     View All Features in Build
Added Misc Access right "CannotUseQuoteValetLicense". This will prevent a user from being able to upload documents to QuoteValet. It will also prevent them from using the Peer Review and Approval features of QuoteValet.