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Version: 4.6    Build: 1.11    Release Date: 12/22/2010     Type: New     View All Features in Build
There is now a new "Heading" type line item. Typically Comment type line items would be also be used as Headings. Now there are defined Heading and Comment line items. Insert a heading line into the quote by choosing Edit|Insert Heading. When Heading lines are used, on the Add Item Assistant or from the Bundles, or Configurator, you can choose to insert the item as the first item under the heading, or append the item the last item under the Heading. When appending it as the "last" item under the Heading, it uses some "artificial Intelligence", so if the last items under the heading are a blank comment line, % charge line, % discount line, or subtotal line, then the item is added above those items. Heading lines are also useful in the printed output as Heading type line items can have their font larger and bold, whereas comments could be the same font size as the regular Product/Service line items. Some examples for Heading lines would be like "Family Room"/"Master Bedroom"/"Theater Room", or "Service"/"Parts", or "Servers"/"Workstations"/"Services"/"Managed Services"/"Anti-Virus"/"Monitoring".