Skeptical of any new software? We certainly understand.

Let's walk thru evaluating QuoteWerks together...

We are the real deal. We treat our prospects and customers how we would like to be treated.
We genuinely want to provide a software solution that works for all our customers. While we know we can't be everything to everyone, that is are philosophy and culture around here.  How often have you worked with a software company that made you feel like you where just a means to their end?

0) I read your basic summary and I don't need or want QuoteWerks.
1) ok, I hear what you are saying:

1a) I don't understand what you are saying, explain more how word takes me too long to create quotes. I'm not convinced I need to improve.

1b) I am convinced I need to improve my quoting and proposal process, it sounds promising, BUT, I want to see more for myself, I need something tangible to see, like some videos or screenshots. What do your quotes look like? Do you have a demo version that I can try out?

1c) ok, I see what it does but I can't visualize how it will specifically address my needs, how can I apply what I have seen to my needs?

"Sure' I've heard QuoteWerks is great, works as advertised, and has great technical support, but I need to look at it myself.." We respect that approach..

2) Ok, I agree, it looks good, but what does it cost? It's probably more than I want to spend.
Pricing starts at $199, 3 editions. concurrent licenses

2.1) Ok, I agree the pricing is affordable, BUT what setup fees are you going to charge me?
None, there are no setup fees.

2.5) What do I have to pay each month or each year?
Nothing. For QuoteWerks itself, you actually make an investment in our software when you purchase it up front. There are no monthly or annual fees.  We do have optional maintenance and modules that can renew on a monthly or annual basis.

3) ok, it sounds good, but I'm tired of buying software where once you have my money I won't be able to get a hold of your support team when I need it. QuoteWerks is stable and intuitive to use. We've designed it to minimize support issues. As such, on a daily basis, less than 2% of our customer base contacts us regarding a support issue. This is the reason you can pickup the phone, call and reach our technical support team. Check out our social media feeds and support testimonials, you'll see they have only good things to say about QuoteWerks. support testimonials, Tips on selecting quoting software, etc.

4) You probably don't have a money back guarantee.
We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on QuoteWerks, which is great for our customers because it gives them an opportunity to make sure that QuoteWerks truly works as advertised and meets their particular expectations. We sell a lot of QuoteWerks licenses, and less than 1% request a refund!

How can a company not stand behind their product with a money back guarantee? If they don't, it pretty much means that they know their customers will realize only after the purchase that they where sold on a bunch of smoke and mirrors and at that point, they can't get a refund.

5) ok, I have to admit, everything you've said sounds great. But, what do your customers say about you? Check out our testimonials page and our facebook page..As you know, facebook is the place where people speak their mind.

5.5) Are you a small company that is going to go out of business, I cant afford to invest in you only to have you disappear, this has happened to me before. Nope, not likely, we've been selling QuoteWerks since 1993 and have over 60,000 users using QuoteWerks. We've got a really solid customer based and great customer service. To top it all off, the founder John C. Lewe IV is still involved in daily operations ensuring his vision and values that made QuoteWerks and Aspire successful are still in place

5.7) ok, you look cool, but I'm looking at another quoting tool also. Take a look at our tips for selecting quoting software and also our features and benefits and also our fastrack index to give you a checklist to use to compare.

A couple of highlights not in the comparison would be to ask what kind of machine you need to run the software. Does it require hardware bought today to run it. Does it require that latest hardware with graphics accelerator video cards to run? It it does, then factor in the cost to replace all your computers or the cost of the slow running of the software. Does it have a familiar standard windows interface that is easy to learn and train new sales people on? Or is it some odd proprietary interface that is difficult to use? Some other goofy things to look for is not being able to have more than one quote open at a time. Software saving your changes every two seconds with no undo feature, and forced application of patches.

The QuoteWerks Demo installed right out of the box has all the functionality built in to it, you don't have to buy our software and then pay to have it customized so that it can actually do what you see in our demo videos, it truly is you get what you see.

-------------------6) Wow, you are the real deal, I want to buy now.


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