Management Reports

Tracking the sales process can pose a number of different challenges for management. Customizable management reports help users understand and track the entire sales process. QuoteWerks has numerous reports that can be customized to display diverse information such as profits, all quotes, services quoted, and many more.

Existing sample reports can be quickly customized to your specific needs and used to quickly gain a picture of how sales are proceeding. Reports can also be created from scratch allowing for ultimate flexibility. Some typical reports would include:

  • Forecasted sales reports
  • Commission reports
  • Outstanding quote reports
  • Reports on Orders for the day, week, month, year, etc.
  • Product catalog reports
  • and more!

The built-in reporting function simply gives management another feature to utilize in QuoteWerks. It can help expedite decisions on pricing, new product ideas, and overall tracking of the sales process, after all, QuoteWerks retains the history of all products you have quoted and whether or not each quote became an order or a lost sale. Being able to actually quantify results enables management to make informed decisions that help shape future approaches and strategies, helping steer sales efforts in the right direction.

All QuoteWerks reports are editable and can be customized to look a variety of ways. Administrators can also place user restrictions on the reports, enabling only administrators or management to view the reports.

Q: What can you customize in the reports and how do you do it?

A: You can use the built-in visual report designer to visually customize your print layouts.  You can insert pictures, lines, labels, data fields, and set each of their fonts, formats etc.  In most cases, you will be able to replicate any format that you currently use.  Additionally, the powerful visual report designer supports formulas which means that you can create specialized functionality such as lease payment schedules which are very useful for companies that offer leasing. You can easily create reports on commissions, forecasted sales, and even product catalogs to name a few of the many reports that you can create in QuoteWerks. 

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