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QuoteWerks generates sales quotes efficiently and easily. This all-purpose quoting system integrates seamlessly with some of the top contact-management programs, such as ACT!, GoldMine, and Maximizer, allowing quick quote generation for customers already in the database. (Users without contact-management software can use the one provided in the system.) QuoteWerks can track your cost, selling price, and profit and allows for selling price and markup adjustments based on single-line items or the entire quote. You can also create bundles of items, see product price history, enter volume discounts, and link similar products together to offer substitutions. Quotes are stored in a Microsoft Access database virtual, ensuring a highly flexible format. You can fax, print, or email a quote by customizing your output or using a variety of pre-existing formats. Another powerful feature is the ability to convert a quote into an invoice (once the customer accepts the quote) by using a drop-down menu. Reviewed on Dec 24 2000.