General Sub Tab

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General Sub Tab

Users can map the sales rep field here to use the QuickBooks sales rep initials instead of the sales rep name.

QuickBooks Sales Rep ID Mappings

QuickBooks uses sales rep initials on QuickBooks invoices instead of the sales reps full name that QuoteWerks uses. You can use the [Setup] button to map the QuoteWerks full user name to the initials being used in QuickBooks for this sales rep.

Note:You do not have to map all Sales Rep IDs manually. As you export estimates/invoices, QuoteWerks will prompt you to select the corresponding Sales Rep Id as needed, and your selection will be saved.

Leave Sales Rep field empty in QuickBooks

If you do not use sales rep id’s on your QuickBooks estimates/invoices, then you can check the option to leave it blank.


Transaction BillTo Mapping

This drop-down menu lets users select which fields from QuoteWerks will populate the BillTo information in QuickBooks.  Users can select either the default (Sold To) contact information or switch it to the Bill To fields in QuoteWerks.


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