Bell Micro Real-time Setup

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Bell Micro Real-time Setup


The Bell Micro Real-Time Pricing & Availability is only available in the USA. Before you can setup and use the Bell Micro Real-Time Pricing & Availability features, you need to contact your dedicated Bell Micro sales rep to obtain price file access and XML credentials.

You can contact your Bell Micro representative at 1-800-800-1513.


Select the Real-time tab of the Tools -> Options menu, then select the Other sub-tab and navigate to Bell Micro.


Account Number

Make sure to enter your Account Number.

Real-time Username and Password

Make sure to enter your username and password.

Note: The Username and Password are different from the Username and Password you use to log into the Bell Micro website to search for product and pricing information.

Preferred Warehouse

Here you can select your preferred warehouse. See the Price Comparison and Refreshing Features Chapter for details on how this is used.


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