Arbitech Real-time Setup

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Arbitech Real-time Setup


The Arbitech Real-Time Pricing & Availability is only available in the USA. Before you can setup and use the Arbitech Real-Time Pricing & Availability features, you need to contact your dedicated Arbitech sales rep to obtain price file access and XML credentials.

You can contact your Arbitech representative at 1-949-376-6650.


Select the Real-time tab of the Tools -> Options menu, then select the Other sub-tab and navigate to Arbitech.

Partner ID

Make sure to enter your Partner ID.

Certification ID

Make sure to enter your Certification ID.


Set the timeout duration, 30 seconds is the standard.


If you want to disable the Arbitech integration for any reason, but not delete the database, you can change this setting to Yes and it will no longer appear in the Product Lookup window.


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