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The Real-time Module can also provide access to the product source. provides a free service that gathers product data from thousands of Online Merchants (stores), such as and, and creates a comprehensive and searchable database. This makes it possible to easily compare prices between merchants.

On the Product Lookup window, the product source should now display at the top of the list of product sources. In the Keyword field, you can enter in a Part Number, a Manufacturer name, even a word in the Description of the product you want to search for. will return a list of all the online merchants that carry the matching item(s). You can also right click on the item(s) and choose "View Item URL" to open the online merchant’s web page that contains this item:

The web page will be displayed in your default browser.

For example, if found your product on Amazon, choosing the ‘View Item URL’ menu will display that item on

To add the product to the quote workbook, either double click on the product, or select the product and click the [Select/Add] button.