CHAPTER 26: Importing XML Documents

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CHAPTER 26: Importing XML Documents

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QuoteWerks can import Documents (quotes, orders, invoices) from two sources. First, if you or another user exported a Document Transport File (DTF) from QuoteWerks, you can import this DTF file. For details on importing and exporting DTF files, please see Document Transport Features.

QuoteWerks can also import an XML formatted document into QuoteWerks as a quote/order/invoice. An XML formatted document is a newer industry standard for storing text data. In essence, it is more robust and extendable than the industry standard flat delimited text file format. Many web applications and software products can export data out as XML formatted files. QuoteWerks requires that the XML file follows a specific format so that QuoteWerks is able to import it. One of the advantages of the XML technology is the use of stylesheets to transform existing XML data into a different format (such as the XML format that QuoteWerks requires). The XML format that QuoteWerks requires is described later in this Chapter.

To learn more about importing XML documents, see the following sub topics:

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