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QuoteWerks Help
Version 24 (Build 1.04) 
December 12, 2023

Important:   It is required for Maximizer to enable the integration with QuoteWerks before proceeding.  Please contact your Maximizer rep and ask them to enable the QuoteWerks integration in your Maximizer installation.  Once this has been done, you may continue with the below steps.

General Setup

Select the Contacts -> Setup Contact Manager menu to choose your contact manager. Select the Maximizer CRM Live option and click the [Maximizer Setup] button to begin setup.

Completion of opportunity to "Won"

QuoteWerks provides you with the flexibility to control when a sales opportunity created by QuoteWerks in Maximizer CRM Live will be converted to a completed sale.  The Maximizer CRM Live sales opportunity can be completed by QuoteWerks when converting to an order (File -> Convert to Order menu), an invoice (File -> Convert to Invoice menu), or Never.  

Never means QuoteWerks will never attempt to complete the Opportunity, the Opportunity will need to be manually updated within Maximizer CRM Live.  This provides a greater level of control for sales managers or administrators who would prefer to manually close the opportunities from within Maximizer CRM Live rather than have QuoteWerks automatically close them.

Use Profit Amount vs. Sale Amount as opportunity amount

When QuoteWerks creates a sales opportunity in Maximizer CRM Live, this option lets you specify whether or to use the profit or sale amount of the quote to be entered in the sales opportunity.

Update Maximizer CRM Live Opportunity name with Document name

This option will carry over the QuoteWerks document name to the Maximizer CRM Live Opportunity name.

Maximizer Account Details

Where is your Maximizer Data?
From this drop-down you will select your Maximizer CRM setup. Click on the links below to see the instructions for specific to your installation:

CRM Live - North America Data Center: Select this option if you are in North America and are using Maximizer as your hosting provider

CRM Live- UK Data Center: Select this option if you are in the UK and are using Maximizer as your hosting provider

On-Premise: Select this option if you are hosting your own Maximizer data