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Version 24 (Build 2.04) 
April 17, 2024

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Rolling Out Settings to Remote PC and Remote Site Installations

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Typically, you will customize your “Master” installation of QuoteWerks including customizing print layouts, reports, product databases, misc. options, etc. When you setup Remote PC and Remote Site installations, you will usually want to copy all of the customizations that you have setup to these new Remote PC and Remote Site installations. QuoteWerks System Files contains a table of the core files that are used by QuoteWerks, and that contain your customized settings. Using this appendix, you can determine which files you will want to copy to the Remote PC and Remote Site installations, and what location you should copy them to.

Note:When running the Standard or Professional Editions of QuoteWerks, never copy the master installation’s docs.mdb file to a Remote PC or Remote Site installation. This will erase the licensing information that is already in the Remote PC or Remote Site installation causing any synchronization attempts to fail and causing duplicate quote number issues.

With the Access backend used by the Standard and Professional Editions it is easy to copy data from the master office installation to a remote laptop installation because the access database files are separate files that can be copied using Windows explorer to the laptop. With the SQL backend of the Corporate Edition there are no files that you can easily copy to the remote laptop. To address this issue, QuoteWerks has a synchronization feature that will copy this SQL database data for you.

Important:   If you’re still using the Access backend, you’ll want to run the Medic Utility monthly or more frequently (depending the amount of data in your database) to compact the database to keep it in tip-top shape.