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QuoteWerks Help
Version 24 (Build 1.04) 
December 12, 2023

There are several Misc Access rights that can be used to restrict various aspects of synchronization. These rights can be set on the Access tab of the User Properties window. To display the User Properties window, select the Utilities -> User Maintenance menu, select a user and click on the [Edit] button.


You may want to restrict a user so that if the user selects to run the One-Step sync they can only run a pre-specified One-Step synchronization profile. In other words, the user is not able to select a different one step sync profile than the default one the Administrator has specified. To set this restriction, Use the Misc Access right “CannotSetOneStepSyncProfile”.


You may want to restrict the user from making any changes to synchronization settings before running them. Using the Misc Access right “CannotModifySyncSession” will disable the Advanced Sync options of “Start new session” or “start session using profile”. When this security option is set, the only option for the user in the synchronization wizard is to run the One-Step sync. If you have hidden the Utilities -> Sync menu from this user, then this user would have no access to run a synchronization.


You want a user to be able to load an existing sync profile, make changes and run the changes, BUT NOT save the changes into the profile. Use the Misc Access right “CannotSaveSyncProfileChanges”.


The user may have access to modifying a sync session, and possibly the rights to save the changes to the existing sync profile, but you do not want them to be able to create a new sync profile file. Use the Misc Access right “CannotCreateSyncProfile” which would prohibit them from saving to a new Sync Profile.


You may want to restrict a user from being able to delete a sync profile. Use the Misc Access right “CannotDeleteSyncProfile”.


You may want to restrict a user from changing the sync path translations specified on the Synchronization tab of the Tools -> Options menu. Typically only the Administrator would need to setup these translations. Use the Misc Access right “CannotModifySyncPathTranslations”.