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Version 24 (Build 1.04) 
December 12, 2023

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Regional Currency, Time Zone, and Date Format Maintenance

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QuoteWerks supports various currencies, date formats, and the Canadian tax system. These settings can be specified on the Regional tab of the Tools -> Options menu.

Regional Tab

The options on this tab are pulled from your regional settings in Windows.

Time Zone, Base Currency Symbol, Date Format and Decimal Symbol

These settings are automatically retrieved from Windows.  The only options to change on this tab are the Country selection for taxes and the site level base currency.

Note:If using the SQL backend of QuoteWerks in a country where the character set is not similar to the USA, you might need to force the database saves to a UNICODE format. In the backend.ini file, under the [Backend] section, the key SQLForceUNICODE=-1 is used to force QuoteWerks to save to the SQL database in UNICODE format. This is needed in some countries depending upon their language and character sets.

Base sales tax calculations on country

Please see Setting Up Sales Tax.


Users have the option of manually specifiying the base currency such as “USD” and the base currency symbol such as “$” to be used as a standard base currency for the entire installation regardless of what the individual workstation’s Windows regional settings state.

Remove State from Address

Check this option if you are in France, Belgium, etc where the zip code should be placed at the beginning of the line, followed by the city.