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QuoteWerks Help
Version 24 (Build 1.04) 
December 12, 2023

When you have an older quote that may have outdated information, you can easily refresh its product details by using the Refresh item Details feature. This feature re-retrieves field information from any product data source the item is associated with by searching the database indicated in the the item's Vendor column using the value in its Manufacturer Part # column to locate the product.

Note:This feature will not work if the Manufacturer part number is empty or does not exist in an existing database.

To refresh a line item's details, select that line item and either navigate to the Tools -> Refresh item Details menu, or click on the refresh icon on the Grid Toolbar of the Quote Workbook:

Tip:The feature supports multiple selections, enabling you to update multiple line items at the same time. To do this, hold down the SHIFT key on your keyboard to select multiple items in a row, or hold down the CTRL key to pick and choose individual line items on the quote.

The Refresh/Update line item window will appear:

On this window, you can view which of the item's field values have changed since you added the item to the quote (in the example above, the Description value); the text of fields that have changed will be indicated in red. Select which individual fields you'd like to refresh by selecting the appropriate checkboxes.

Note:If the Refresh/Update line item window shows a blank value for a CustomXX field but you know there's a value in that field in the database, then this CustomXX field is not set up to be linked between a product data source and the quote line item. This is set up under the Field Links tab from the Tools -> Options menu.

The following icons, located in the top left-hand corner of the window, can help make your refreshing process more efficient:

- Selects all item fields in the Field column

- Selects only fields whose line item and database values are different (in red)

- Deselects all fields

Copy Blank Values

Normally, we want to update quote line items with a more updated version of their information in the product database, so typically that means there's already a value in the quote line item and we're going to replace it with the value in the product database. However, if for some reason the information in the product database is now blank, do you really want to erase that information from the quote line item? If not, unchecking the Copy blank values checkbox will prevent this from happening.

Click the [Ok] button to refresh your quote using the selection(s). If you selected multiple line items, then after you click the [Ok] button, the Refresh/Update line item window will be displayed again, and your field selections from the previous line item will be remembered.

Note:The number of line items you selected is displayed in the window title bar. As each selected item is refreshed, the title bar status count will change; for example, (2 of 8).

Obtain Refreshed Data From:

When multiple items are selected, this option will force the refresh to look in the selected database of the drop-down menu.  Users can select different databases to refresh the items from by changing the drop-down menu.  

If you selected more than 1 line item from your quote to refresh, you can click the [Ok for All] button to apply your selection(s) to all items.

Important:Be careful when using the [Ok for All] button. The Refresh item Details feature allows you to select line items from different types of product data sources, such as an external database, native database, and QuickBooks database. Not all of product data sources will have, for example, a CustomText01 field value, so if you choose to update the CustomText01 field and click the [Ok for All] button for those data sources, the CustomText01 field in the quote line item will be replaced with an empty value. Unchecking the Copy blank values checkbox will prevent this from happening.
Tip:Remember: If you make a mistake using the Refresh Item Details feature, you can always use the undo feature. If you only refreshed 1 line item, then this feature will undo just that line item's change(s). If you refreshed multiple line items simultaneously, then this feature will undo all the changes made to all the line items.