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QuoteWerks Help
Version 24 (Build 2.04) 
April 17, 2024
Note:Ensure you follow the instructions under Selecting Items to Order and Completing the Online Order Form before reading on.

Step 1: Verify Current P & A

Initially, only five columns will display in the Line Item Information box – the part number, description, quantity, line item ID and the unit price.

Click on the [1. Verify Current P & A] button (P & A stands for Pricing & Availability). This step accesses the Tech Data website in the same way the Real-Time Data module does, and returns the current pricing and availability of the line items.

Note:When placing an online order with a distributor, the QuoteWerks purchase order and QuickBooks purchase order (if applicable) are created AFTER you place the online order.

This happens because, at the time you place the online order, 1 or more of the items you want may be out of stock. QuoteWerks handles this by giving you the choice to NOT order those items from the distributor, and creates the QuoteWerks purchase order without them. This way, you can then try to order those items from another distributor.

If the purchase order was created first for items you couldn't order from the distributor, you would have a purchase order containing items that were not ordered and have to manually try to make necessary adjustments to the purchase order.

Once the P & A request is complete, additional columns of real-time information will display.

Note:The Product Total label displays the extended total of all the items on the order. Before real-time pricing is retrieved, it totals the offline prices from the QuoteWerks line items. After real-time pricing is retrieved, it totals the real-time prices. After the order has been placed, it totals the ordered prices.

Realtime Unit Price

This is the current real-time price.

Note:When placing online orders, the QuoteWerks PO Item records the Standard Unit Cost which is populated from the real time pricing. It also records the Unit Cost from the QuoteWerks order or the negotiated price override that you enter when placing the electronic order. If the Unit Cost does not match the Standard Unit Cost, there will be an additional display in the Cost column on the Purchase Orders and Ordered Items tabs of the Purchasing window displaying the differences in cost.
For example, if you placed an order for Item A at $179.83, when the PO is created in QuoteWerks, the item's cost would be listed as "$179.83 ($539.49)" on the first line, and "$199.95 ($599.85) STD" on the second line. The number in the parenthesis is the extended Cost, and the second line that has the "STD" postfix indicates this is the standard price. If the Unit Cost and the Standard Cost are the same, the 2nd line is not needed and will not be displayed.

Realtime Physical Qty in Stock

This is the current total quantity in stock at all of the physical warehouses combined.

Realtime Vendor Drop Ship Qty Available

Some items are not stocked in a physical warehouse, but can still be ordered. When these items are ordered, Tech Data places an order with the vendor and drop ships the items to you.

Requires End User Info

If this column has a Y in it, then the product requires that you complete the End User details on the End user tab.

Requires Gov Order Info

If this column has a Y in it, then you are receiving government pricing on the product which requires that you complete the End User details on the End user tab.

Ship from Warehouse

This column for each line item will contain a list of all the Tech Data physical warehouses and the quantity in stock of this item in each of the physical warehouses. If you would like the item to ship from a specific warehouse, then you can choose warehouse from here, otherwise by default Tech Data will choose which warehouse to ship it from.

Note:If you have specified a preferred warehouse in the real-time module setup, the preferred warehouse will automatically be selected as long as the preferred warehouse has the item in stock.


Step 2: Validate the Order

Once the P & A Request is completed, the [2. Validate Order] button will become available.

Validating the order will validate all the information entered on the order form, and then will validate all the items on the order form.

Header Validation

You will be notified if there are any validation issues with the order.

If there are any issues, you can make the changes and then click on the [2. Validate Order] button again to verify that your changes have satisfied the validation.

Item Validation

If Tech Data does not have sufficient stock of the item to place your order, QuoteWerks will notify you of this and will ask if you want to remove the item from the order.

You may also receive warning notifications indicating there are pricing differences between the price on the QuoteWerks order and the real-time price. This can occur often since real-time prices change often. You are notified of this so that you are aware of this price difference. With this knowledge you can make a determination as to whether or not this is simply a small price variance or a significant price difference which would require your verification before proceeding.

Note:There is a good chance that the Unit Price for the items in the QuoteWerks order may be different than the real-time Unit Price. When this happens, you will receive a series of warning messages alerting you to this discrepancy. As a procedural control you could update the QuoteWerks order with real-time pricing and availability (using the Tools -> Refresh with latest pricing menu) before beginning the online ordering process which would ensure that the Unit Price in the QuoteWerks ORDER would be the same as the real-time Unit Price retrieved from Tech Data during the ordering process.


Step 3: Submit the Order

Once you have successfully validated the order, you may now submit it using the [3. Submit Order] button.

This step submits the order to Tech Data, and receives and order confirmation if the order is successful.

Note:        When some orders are placed, Tech Data will split the single order into multiple orders. Typically this happens when an item that is ordered is an item that Tech Data does not have in physical stock, but rather orders from the vendor and drop ships to you. In these cases, the line items will not have the same sales order number.

The option to Copy Text & Close will also be available, which is useful when needing to paste it into other applications.

Once the order submission is complete, additional columns with order specific information will be displayed.

Ordered Unit Price

This is the final and actual price that Tech Data is charging you for the item.

Ordered Quantity

Since items can be backordered, the total quantity that you ordered may be split between ordered and backordered quantities.

Ordered Backordered Quantity

This is the quantity of this item that was backordered.

Ordered Warehouse

The item will be shipped from the warehouse listed in this column.

Ordered Sales Order #

This is the sale order number associated with the item.


Step 4: Review the Order

The order form remains open after you have submitted the order to give you the opportunity to review all the new information displayed in these additional columns. When you are done, click the [Close] button.

Once the Tech Data Online Order form has been closed, if you had ordered items only from the current open document, this document will automatically re-open for you to review. If you ordered items from multiple documents, you will need to open them individually to review them.

When you open a document that contains items you just ordered, you will note that the SO Number (Sales Order Number), PO Number, and Order Date columns have been updated with the Tech Data sales order number, PO Number, and the date of the order respectively. Also, QuoteWerks will update the QuoteWerks document Unit Cost field with the Tech Data ordered unit price. When this happens, the Cost Modifier value (if any) will be cleared. If the item being updated has a Price Modifier that is based on Unit Cost, the Price Modifier will also be cleared.

Note:The SO Number column was added in the QuoteWerks 4.0 build 33 release along with the Online Ordering Module functionality. As such, this column may not be visible by default. If you do not see this column, select the View -> Customize columns menu and make it visible.
Note:Since the SO Number, PO Number, and OrderDate column will be populated with the Tech Data order information, it is a good idea, to make sure these columns are visible and it might be helpful if they were located next to each other.

When you first start using the Online Ordering Module to place online orders with Tech Data we recommend that you verify through the Tech Data website that the order has been received by Tech Data and the order details such as price, warehouse selections, and shipping carrier selection are as you expect them to be.

To find your Tech Data order on the Tech Data website, log into the Tech Data website and then choose “Order Management” from left hand side, then “Order Status”, and then you’ll need to enter a specific PO# or Tech Data Sales Order # to find the order that was just placed.