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QuoteWerks Help
Version 24 (Build 2.04) 
April 17, 2024

The QuoteWerks built-in leasing payment calculator simplifies the process of creating quotes and proposals with various leasing options instead of purchasing the entire total outright.  All leasing companies are supported, they simply need to be setup in QuoteWerks.  Once you have setup your rate cards in QuoteWerks, you can add leasing payments to your quotes from the Sale Info tab.

Important:  If you are using GreatAmerica or Ingram Micro Flexible Payment Solutions and have a Real-time module, you will setup the Real-time Leasing Integration in the Real-time setup window.  

Setting Default Leasing Options

Once you have setup one or multiple leasing companies in QuoteWerks, you can set a default for the leasing options to be used on quotes.  These options will be used on the quotes created in QuoteWerks, but can be changed on a per quote basis.  

Click on Tools-> Options-> Leasing Tab to set these defaults.  

Select the default provider you have created in QuoteWerks from the drop-down list.  

Rate Card
The Rate Card drop-down will let you select the default rate card to use for this provider.  

Users can choose the default points the dealer receives.

Include Sales Tax in Lease
Check this box to include tax as part of the lease calculation.  

Include Monthly Recurring Amount in Lease Amount
Check this box to include any monthly recurring charges as part of the lease calculation.  

Terms Options
The options listed here are the monthly payment options and range from 12-63 months.  You can select as many options for the quotes as you would like for each provider you have setup.

Purchase Options  
The Purchase Options include $1 Rental, FMV (Fair Market Value) Rental, $1 Lease, and FMV (Fair Market Value) Lease

Advanced Payment Options
The Advanced Payment Options include 0,1, or 2 months.  This calculates the total as if the customer paid in advance for 0, 1, or 2 months.


The Lease payment Option Display Macro enables users to modify the text that is used to display the lease payment options.  By default it will display the lease amount, the purchase option(s), monthly payments, payment amount, advance payments.  Users can adjust this text to fit their specific quotes.  The icon will revert the macro back to its original format if any changes have been applied.  


Click [OK] after you have set your defaults to complete and save the defaults.  


Adding a Leasing Company Rate Card

Note:Adding and editing a rate card does require some technical knowledge.  This should only be done by someone familiar with making changes in XML.  

To add your leasing company's rate card to QuoteWerks, open up the QuoteWerks directory folder and locate the folder called LeaseRateCards.  In that folder you can add a rate card for any Leasing Company.  An example of the formatting already exists in this folder.  Simply edit that file to include your rate factors in the file.  The file is already formatted correctly and just needs to include the updated rate card information.  This process can be repeated as many times as necessary for any leasing companies you use.

Edit this file using an XML editing program such as Microsoft Visual Studio Tools.  There are many other programs that can edit this file as well.

In the above screen shot you will see fields for the range start, range stop, and then the factor.  Simply replace the example factor rate with the factor from your rate card and repeat these steps for all the ranges on your rate card.  If you need to add additional ranges you can do so by copying the format shown above as well as adding other options such as 48 or 60 month options.  Make sure you only change the options and not the formatting.  


Using Lease Payment Options

To use the newly setup rate cards, view the Lease Payment Options section of this manual.