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Version 24 (Build 2.04) 
April 17, 2024


The Jenne Real-time Pricing & Availability is only available in the USA. Before you can setup and use the Jenne Real-Time Pricing & Availability features, you need to contact your dedicated Jenne sales rep to obtain XML credentials.

You can contact your Jenne representative at 1-800-422-6191.


Select the Real-time tab of the Tools -> Options menu, then select the Other Realtime sub-tab and navigate to Jenne.

Email Address

Enter your email address you use to access Jenne.


Add your password.


Tip:If a Jenne web service activated user is having issues authenticating with Jenne web-services through QuoteWerks real-time integration , the user can try the following:

Log into with their Jenne ID (email) which is also being used for the real-time integration.

Go to the YOUR ACCOUNT page and reset their real-time access by clicking on the “Change Web Service Password” button.
*NOTE* Their login PW and web service PW can be different even though they both use the same username

Re-enter the new credentials into QuoteWerks real-time screen and verify.




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