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QuoteWerks Help
Version 24 (Build 1.04) 
December 12, 2023

Document Type

In QuoteWerks, there are three document types: QUOTE, ORDER, and INVOICE. In the QuoteWerks database, the Document Type is stored in the DocType field. This field will contain a value of QUOTE, ORDER, or INVOICE. When you want to find a list of Quotes or run a management report that displays only Orders, it is this DocType field that is referenced.

Note:Users with Master Rights can hold down the CTRL key and double-click on the Document Type label (located on the upper right of the Document Items tab of the quote workbook) to manually change the document type. This could be useful in cases where a quote was converted to an order accidentally; you can easily set the document back to a quote. Please keep in mind however, that if you have links to this quote in your CRM software, those links are not updated when making this manual change.

Document Status

Documents also have a DocStatus field which stores the current status of the document. For example, a Quote type document typically goes through various stages. Initially, it is “1-In Progress” while the sales rep is building the Quote. Next, the status may be set to “2-Awaiting Manager Approval”, next it may be set to “3-Manager Approved”, followed by “4-Presented to Customer”, and the last stage of either “Accepted” or “Lost”.

An Order type document typically goes through various stages (different from Quote stages). Initially, it is “1-Open”, followed by “2-Parts Ordered”, “3-Parts Received”, “4-Technician Scheduled”, “5-Work Completed/Awaiting Approval”, and then the last stage of “6-Ready to Invoice”.

Invoices go through similar stages.

Typically, you will manually change the DocStatus value on the Sale Info tab as you recognize the document has progressed to the next stage. There are certain times that the document status will be automatically changed for you. For example when a new document is created, a document status will be assigned. When a document is converted from, for example, a Quote to an Order, a DocStatus will be assigned. Lastly when a Quote is converted to a Lost Sale, a document status will be assigned. The Document Status that is assigned in each of these instances can be specified on the Installation tab of the Tools -> Options menu.

You can setup the list of stages for a Quote by having a Quote Open and then clicking on the ellipsis button of the DocStatus field on the Sale Info tab. On the F2 Lookup window that is displayed, you can add any stages that you would like. To setup the list of stages for an Order or Invoice, you would follow the same steps as for a Quote, but you would need to begin by opening an Order or Invoice respectively.

Similar to the DocType field, the Doc Status field is useful when locating Quotes and when reporting on Quotes. For example, you can find a list of all Quotes awaiting manager approval by selecting the DocType of Quote and the DocStatus of “2-Awaiting Manager Approval”.