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QuoteWerks Help
Version 24 (Build 2.04) 
April 17, 2024

Document Purge Wizard

The Document Purge Wizard assists you in finding and deleting old documents (quotes, orders, invoices) that you no longer want to keep in the document database. This wizard is also useful for purging documents from your database when your database grows too large. In this case, you can archive these purged documents so that you have the option to import them back into the database at a later time.  If your database is consistently over 300 MB, you should consider upgrading to the Corporate edition as the likelihood of corruption increases at this size.  

The first step of the wizard is where you can select the criteria used to purge the documents:

The second step of the wizard displays a preview of all the documents selected for purging based on your criteria:

This step gives you the opportunity to review the documents that you are about to purge.

The last step of the Document Purge Wizard allows you to specify some options:


Note: If the document has been accepted on QuoteValet, it will be deleted from the QuoteWerks database, but will be left on QuoteValet.  If the document was uploaded to QuoteValet, but not accepted, then both the document in the database and on QuoteValet will be deleted.

Archive Deleted Document

If this option is checked, QuoteWerks will save a copy of the document (before it deletes it) as a dtf file and the file will be saved into the \QuoteWerks\Archives folder. Since the dtf file is archived, it will have a file extension of .dta. At a later time, if you want to import this archived document back into QuoteWerks, you can simply rename the file extension from .dta to .dtf, and then use the File -> Import menu to import the document back into the database.

Delete Associated DTF Files

Whenever a document (quote, order, or invoice) is saved into the quote database, a copy of the document is also saved to a file with a dtf extension in the \QuoteWerks\DTF folder. This file is typically used by your preferred contact management software to open up the quote from within your contact management software.  

Note: The Document Purge Wizard is only available if you are logged in as a user with Master Rights.

Important:   If your primary serial number changes for any reason - for example due to an  an Edition Upgrade or License Relinquishment, then you will need to merge in all the documents puged prior to changing your licenses, otherwise you will never be able to recover/reopen previously purged documents.  For assistance with this, contact QuoteWerks Technical Support referencing specifically merging previously purged documents.