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April 17, 2024

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Creating or Updating/Converting Forecast and Opportunity to Completed Sale in GoldMine

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This option will create a completed sale record in GoldMine under the GoldMine History tab and is only available when the QuoteWerks document being saved is an ORDER or INVOICE. A quote is converted to an order or invoice using the File -> Convert to Order/Invoice menu. When this menu is selected, the completed sale window will also be displayed.  Here you can enter information about the completed sale such as activity code, result code, user, close date, etc. The quote name and number are placed in the “product” field of the GoldMine completed sale record to assist in your GoldMine reporting. The “Notes the customer will not see” from the NOTES tab of the quote are automatically placed in the notes of the completed sale.

You can also check the option to have QuoteWerks close the GoldMine opportunity as Won for you when completing the forecasted sale. At that time you can specify the Status and Win reason.  Similarly, when converting to a Lost Sale, there is an option to have QuoteWerks close the GoldMine Opportunity as Lost.
This completed sale can originate in several ways. First, if there is an existing forecasted sale for this quote, QuoteWerks will convert that existing forecasted sale into a completed sale. If there is no existing forecasted sale and this option is checked, then QuoteWerks will create a new completed sale. Lastly, if the completed sale already exists and you have made some changes to the order/invoice, then the completed sale record will be updated. The completed sale record will be created under the History tab in GoldMine. In GoldMine, you can run reports that tell you how much income was generated from the orders you have received. QuoteWerks also has a built-in reporting module that can create similar reports.

Note:Advanced users can use the Settings Manager to create or set the following defaults per each user: