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QuoteWerks Help
Version 24 (Build 2.04) 
April 17, 2024

The Sales Opportunity feature is very useful in determining your projected cash flow. In ACT!, you can run forecasted sale reports that tell you how much income will possibly be generated from all the quotes you have created. These reports also let you know when these quotes are estimated to become an order, which again helps you estimate your cash flow.  When using the ACT! integration, you have the ability to write the individual line item details into the ACT! Opportunity, which further enhances your reporting capabilities.

Create/Update Sales Opportunity

When using this feature, the “Create new ACT! Opportunity” window will appear.  This will let you create a new opportunity or link to an existing opportunity and update it.  You'll be able to review and make changes to the sales opportunity before it is created in ACT!, including the Name, Process, Stage, Probability, and EST Close Date.  You'll also be able to add a new note to the opportunity as well as choose any groups or subgroups to associate the opportunity with and even select a competitor for the opportunity.

In the ACT! integration, you can enter text to create in a new opportunity note record in ACT! If you are updating an existing opportunity, QuoteWerks will not afford you the ability to view or modify previous notes, but you can create more new notes.

When you are in ACT!, you can find the Sales Opportunity by either choosing the Opportunities option under the Lookup menu or you can open the associated contact and double click on the specific Opportunity on the Opportunities tab.

The Sales Opportunity will automatically be completed in ACT! when the Quote is converted to an Order (File -> Convert to Order menu) or an Invoice (File -> Convert to Invoice menu).

The line items will be added to the Products/Services tab of the opportunity.

Updating Existing Sales Opportunity (created by ACT!)

When using the ACT! integration with QuoteWerks, you also have the option to link to an existing opportunity that has already been created by ACT!.  When you link to an existing opportunity, you will overwrite the data of that opportunity and QuoteWerks takes ownership of that opportunity moving forward.  This means any updates that need to be applied to the opportunity need to be done by QuoteWerks.

Adding File Attachments to an Opportunity

You can attach files to the Documents tab of the ACT! Opportunity through the Create/Update ACT! Opportunity window:

You can either select a file using the [Add File(s)] button, or choose a file that is already linked to the quote under on the Links Tab on the Quote WorkBook with the [Add File(s) from Links Tab]. This is really useful for attaching additional documentation regarding the opportunity or other information that is important to the opportunity for anyone who does not have access to QuoteWerks.