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QuoteWerks Help
Version 24 (Build 2.04) 
April 17, 2024

When saving a document, the “Create or Attach to/Update existing Opportunity” checkbox will appear on the Save window.

Note:This checkbox will NOT appear if you are saving a quote template.

Once you have pressed the [OK] button from the File -> Save window, the “Create a new/Update existing SugarCRM Opportunity” window will appear, allowing you to adjust information about the opportunity such as the Type, Lead Source, Campaign, Expected Close Date, Next Step, Sales Stage, Probability and Description.

The Opportunity Name drop down will contain a list of all existing SugarCRM opportunities associated with the SugarCRM contact record you have linked to. If you have not already created a new opportunity for this quote, then here you can select an existing opportunity to update with the current quote’s information.

Add File Attachments to the Opportunity

You can attach files to the Documents tab of the SugarCRM Opportunity through the Create/Update SugarCRM Opportunity window.

You can either select a file using a file selection dialog [Add File(s)], or choose a file that is already linked to the quote under the Links tab on the Quote WorkBook [Add Links Tab File(s)]. This is very useful for attaching a PDF version of the quote to the SugarCRM Opportunity. Having a PDF version of the quote is an advantage because anyone can then view the quote - they do not have to have QuoteWerks installed on their machine to view the quote. You can attach multiple PDF files to the opportunity, so you can easily attach the customer proposal, and a no frills plain vanilla version for the service technicians to follow, and basically anything else you could want.

Once you click [Ok], this option will create or update a SugarCRM opportunity or attach to an existing opportunity in SugarCRM under the Opportunities heading.

By creating opportunities in SugarCRM, you allow SugarCRM to generate reports reminding you to close sales. This feature helps you estimate your cash flow. If you already have an opportunity for this quote, it will automatically update the existing one to reflect changes you have made to the quote.

Note:When QuoteWerks updates a SugarCRM opportunity, it updates the Opportunity amount (which displays in the Likely column) but not the Best or Worst amounts. This is standard behavior in the SugarCRM user interface.

QuoteWerks claims ownership of SugarCRM opportunities that were created or updated from within QuoteWerks. It is not recommended that you manually make changes to the opportunity from within SugarCRM as these changes may be overwritten by QuoteWerks when QuoteWerks is updating the SugarCRM opportunity.

Note:Advanced users can use the Settings Manager to create or set the following defaults per each user:





The codes for ForecastCloseDate and CallBackDate will schedule the date for today’s date plus 30 days or plus 7 days, the code for CallBackTime schedules the call time for the current time plus 30 minutes.

Opportunity Revenue Line Items (SugarCRM Enterprise Only)

If you’re using SugarCRM Enterprise, then QuoteWerks will create an Opportunity Revenue Line Item, which then, in SugarCRM, will update the Opportunity’s total amount. The revenue line item name will be rolled-up summary line if using the summary line option from the setup.  If you choose to write the individual revenue line items into the Opportunity, each line item will be populated in the Revenue Line Items section of the opportunity.