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Version 24 (Build 2.04) 
April 17, 2024

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Configuring a Remote PC Installation of QuoteWerks

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These are instructions to setup an installation of QuoteWerks on a remote machine such as a laptop or a home computer so that it can run QuoteWerks without being in the office. Then, quotes can be created on this Remote PC and e-mailed back to the main office where they can be imported into the “Master” installation of QuoteWerks.

1.Generate a Remote PC License.

2.Install a full copy of QuoteWerks on the laptop into the C:\Applications\QuoteWerks directory for Windows 7 or later.        

3.When starting this new installation for the first time, it will ask for a License Key.  You will need to enter the Update Key for the installation ("U" key).  This key can be found in the Utilities-> License Manager area of your master installation.  Once the Update Key has been added, the Remote PC License Key that you generated earlier for the user of this remote PC can now be added to the new installation. Remote PC License Keys start with an “E,” “L,” or “H.” After you enter the Remote PC License Key, QuoteWerks will inform you need to exit QuoteWerks and then update the security.mdb database.

Note:If you will be are rehosting to SQL, DO NOT attempt to do this until after you have copied the security.mdb file as described below.

4.Now that a Remote PC License Key has been entered into this laptop installation, it has become part of the master installation. You will need to copy the security.mdb security database from the master installations \QuoteWerks directory into your laptop’s \QuoteWerks directory, thereby replacing the security.mdb database that is already on the laptop. Once you have accomplished this task, the Remote PC installation is ready for use.

5.You will need to register this newly entered Remote PC License Key within 30 days. See Licensing and License Distribution for details on registering the Remote PC License Key. This registration step can be performed after step 5.

6.If you have installed the Corporate Edition of QuoteWerks and want to rehost this Remote PC installation to SQL, you can do the rehost at this point. For instructions on rehosting, see Re-hosting to SQL.  The Remote PC needs to have the same back end database type as the Master in order to sync.

Note:When the Remote PC License Key is entered into the laptop installation, QuoteWerks uses that License Key to generate a 4 letter unique prefix that will prefix the document number sequences on that laptop. This ensures that all the laptops have their own unique location prefix which ensures that document numbers will not be duplicated by different users. For this reason, it is extremely important that the same Remote PC License Key is not used on more than one remote PC. If it is, the laptops that have been incorrectly setup with the same Remote PC License Key will overwrite each others documents.

Also, if a Remote PC laptop installation of QuoteWerks ever needs to be reinstalled (for example, because the hard drive crashed), you will need to take steps to increase the starting number sequence of that new Remote PC laptop installation since a fresh installation will start generating document numbers that have already been used. It is always preferable to be able to restore the QuoteWerks installation from a backup rather than to install a fresh copy.

Note:If you want your sales people to have the same products and bundles, configurations, substitution products, required products, and optional products as your office location, copy the QuoteWerks\relation.mdb file and the product database file (normally QuoteWerks\products.mdb) to the laptop’s \QuoteWerks directory. For a complete listing of all the QuoteWerks database and print layout files so that you can determine which files you will need to copy, see QuoteWerks System Files. Be careful not to overwrite any data the salesperson may have setup.