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QuoteWerks Help
Version 23 (Build 5.07) 
July 28, 2023

Act! Activities Defaults

Activity Type Settings

The Activity Type Settings allows you to choose the defaults settings for the selected activity.  When QuoteWerks creates an activity, it will use the defaults set on this screen. These are only the defaults and can be changed on a per document basis by the user manually.

Default Activity Settings To

Set the default priority when QuoteWerks creates a Call, Meeting, or To-do in ACT!.
Ring Alarm
Set the default alarm time to remind you prior to the activity.  For example, if you want the alarm to go off 5 minutes before a call, you would set the Ring Alarm to "5 Minutes" from the drop-down menu for the call activity.
Set the default duration of the activity here. For example, if most of your meetings are 30 minutes, you can set that as the default when QuoteWerks creates that activity.
Add any default details to the activity.  If you have reminders for your sales team or yourself that you want to set as defaults, you can add those in the details section.


The Attach Activity to option allows you to choose whether you would like the activities that QuoteWerks creates in Act! to be attached to the contact or the opportunity.