December 19, 2017 %greeting% %username%, The QuoteWerks Winter Special Ends Soon - There are <b>ONLY 2 business days left to save 10%!</b> Offer valid through Friday December 21st, 2018. Some restrictions apply. In 2018 we added 172 new features including version 5.4 just released including the new Line Item Search, Group Price Override, Sort Line Items, ACH Payment support, Payment Option Surcharges, ShareWerks integration, Maximizer CRM Web integration, and more. If you have been thinking about adding more licenses, or updating QuoteWerks, now is the time to buy! Please %howtocontactyourreseller%, or Aspire Technologies (manufacturer direct) at 407-248-1481 for details. Click on the 'Click here for details' below for details. V | | | | | | V 69 Click here for details