QuoteWerks Version 4.9 Build 10.x is now Available!
This release introduces over 45 new features including: manufacturer part number lookup from the DocumentItems tab, Vendor selection on the DocumentItems tab, creating accounts for salesforce.com directly from QuoteWerks, mobile phone field support for CRM/PSA's, new macros for Word Merging, free shipping minimum support for all vendors, and much more.
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QuoteWerks Version 4.9 Build 10 includes new feature enhancements such as searching for items using our new auto-fill system for part numbers, vendor selection options, free shipping minimum settings for vendors, and much more.
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Manufacturer Part Number Lookup Support
Adding items to QuoteWerks has never been easier! The Manufacturer Part Number column on the Document Items tab now supports a drop down list of part numbers for databases available in QuoteWerks. Simply click on the drop-down menu in the Manufacturer Part Number field and all the part numbers from the product database that is specified in the vendor column for that line item will be available for selection. If the vendor column is empty (as it would be for a new line item), then the Product Database selected on the QUICK LOOKUP toolbar will be used.

The list automatically sorts by Manufacturer Part Number, but if you want to select an item that starts with the value entered in the Manufacturer Part Number field, simply hold the SHIFT key while clicking on the drop down list.  This action will then only display the products that have a Manufacturer Part Number that begins with that value in the cell. 
Mobile Field Support on Sold to/ Ship to Tab
Mobile phones are a communication must-have for any organization and are an important contact option that is commonly used. Recognizing this trend, QuoteWerks has made using these numbers more convenient and easier to access.  On the Sold to, Ship to, and Bill to fields a mobile number field is now available to be used on any document. These fields are available for layouts so this information can be part of the quote or proposal delivered to the customer. 
Pull mobile fields from CRM/PSAs
In addition to adding the new mobile number fields on the Sold to/ Ship to tab, users can now automatically pull the "Mobile" field from Act!, Act! for Web, Autotask, ConnectWise, Outlook, Outlook BCM (2013), QuickBooks 2013 and higher, salesforce.com, MS CRM, Sugar CRM, Google Contacts and SalesLogix CRM.  Security settings are also available to ensure reps do not change the field when pulled from a CRM/PSA system.    
Expanded PO Functionality
In Version 4.9 Build 10, QuoteWerks released enhancements to the QuoteWerks Purchasing Module.  These features include the ability to copy and paste serial numbers from the Purchase Order tab, email tracking numbers, and receive items in ConnectWise PO's that were not created from QuoteWerks originally, and more!  The continued expansion of the QuoteWerks purchasing module provides users with a solution to place, track and fulfill orders all from QuoteWerks.
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Tracking items is one of the most time consuming activities for companies.  In QuoteWerks, we just made it easier by expanding our ticket integration with ConnectWise.  As QuoteWerks creates ConnectWise tickets, the ConnectWise ticket number is now saved on the QuoteWerks DocumentItems tab to each line item.  These line items (along with the ticket number) pull through to the Purchasing tab in QuoteWerks when a quote is converted to an order.  Users can then search for a particular order or line item by the ticket number on the Purchasing window as there is now a Ticket Number field available. 


Additionally, once a purchase order is created from the Purchasing window, the ticket numbers for those items will flow to the Purchase Orders tab in QuoteWerks.  This transfer of information enables users to locate their items and and track the status of their orders by simply referencing the ConnectWise ticket number.  Furthermore, users can click on the ticket number on a specific item in a purchase order and QuoteWerks will open that specific ticket in ConnectWise. 

On the Sold to / Ship to tab, salesforce.com users can now add accounts directly from QuoteWerks into salesforce.com.  This feature enables users to start the quoting process for a new account without having to enter their information into salesforce.com first.  Simply add their contact information to the Sold to fields and then click on the gold icon to create the account in salesforce.com.  It's that easy!  
Vendor Drop Down Selection

The vendor column on the Document Items tab contains a drop down list that of all the vendors setup in QuoteWerks, including the Product Databases and also all the Vendors from the Utilities->Vendor Maintenance menu.  This feature makes it that much easier to source an item from a different vendor without having to search and select the item from a database.  

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