QuoteWerks Version 4.9 Build 4 is now Available!
This new release includes over 45 new features including: Purchasing, Receiving, ConnectWise Bundles, Accessories for UK Product Content Subscribers, an updated ScanSource real-time integration, and more.
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Date: Thursday, March 27, 2014
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 Build 4 Highlights

CRM Supported Versions
We added support for:
User Manual
The QuoteWerks user manual is now an HTML based help system! Topics are now cross linked making it easier to learn how to use QuoteWerks rather than reading in a linear line.

Know when to adjust your price
In the Totals for all items bar on the DocumentItems tab, if the Profit/ProfitMargin are negative then they will be displayed in red.
ConnectWise Bundles
QuoteWerks Groups, Bundles, and Configurations are supported as ConnectWise Bundles on ConnectWise Opportunities. When sending over groups to ConnectWise Opportunities as ConnectWise bundles you can control if the bundle product in the ConnectWise Opportunity should create a Project phase when the Opportunity is converted to a Project from within ConnectWise.
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Purchase Orders can now be created in QuoteWerks that are not electronic orders. Manually created QuoteWerks Purchase Orders behave much the same as the Purchase Orders created to track electronic orders, with the major difference being that the manually created Purchase Orders are not updated automatically with real-time shipping tracking and serial number information. That information, however, can be manually entered into the manually created Purchase Orders. Manually created Purchase Orders are created in the same area as the electronic purchase orders on the Purchasing tab of the Purchasing window. This feature requires (Corporate Edition) or (Professional Edition + Realtime module).
Purchasing Receiving functionality has been improved to include basic inventory management. Now when you order a quantity of 5 of an item instead of having a single ReceivedOn date, you can now receive each individual item at different times and fully record the date/time as each item is received. When receiving items you can now select or enter the serial number of the item you are receiving and at the same time you can specify a storage location, Asset Tag, and MACAddress for the item. 
For QuickBooks users, when receiving items in QuoteWerks, ItemReceipt documents can be created in QuickBooks. When receiving items in the QuoteWerks Purchasing window, the Receipt is recorded in QuickBooks along with the serial number(s) received.
CRM Product ID Auto-Generation

For ACT!, Microsoft Dynamics, and ConnectWise users, you can now customize how part numbers are sent to your CRM.

In the simplest scenario you can setup the link to just use a QuoteWerks part number like the Manufacturer field as the CRM Opportunity CRMProductID. As a starting point the value from a specified field like the QuoteWerks ManufacturerPartNumber field is used. The auto-generation feature will allow for more than this when the InternalPartNumber or any CustomTextxx field is selected as the mapped field. This new auto-generation feature will allow for many scenarios of use, including the ability to maintain your own proprietary part numbers in CRM Opportunity.  

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Does your sales team utilize a CRM other than ConnectWise? QuoteWerks integrates with the leading CRM packages and provides the ability to use ConnectWise as a secondary CRM. This lets ConnectWise users use QuoteWerks with a CRM like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, salesforce.com, or the other supported CRMs to do all their prospecting and quoting leveraging our dynamic CRM integrations. Then, when the quote becomes an order, QuoteWerks can create or link to the customer in ConnectWise and create the sales opportunity, products, and service tickets, and more in ConnectWise.
From the fully integrated Quote Button on ConnectWise Sales Opportunity, you can start a new quote or open an existing quote in QuoteWerks and populate it with the opportunity's details from within ConnectWise even if QuoteWerks is not already running.


For Tech Data users, you can import Orders into the QuoteWerks purchasing window that have been placed directly through the Tech Data website or the TD Mobility apps. Once imported, QuoteWerks will track the order status, the tracking numbers, the serial numbers and more enabling you to be able to have access to all your purchases from a single screen.
For Sage 50 US Edition (formerly known as Peachtree) users, you can now export Purchase Orders to Peachtree from the Purchasing window. You can create the Purchase Order in Peachtree straight from the Purchasing window, or if you place online orders in QuoteWerks with the Tech Data, Ingram Micro, SYNNEX, or D&H, after the online order is placed, you will be asked if you want to export the online order to a Peachtree Purchase Order
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This new build includes over 45 NEW Features!
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