QuoteWerks Web Early Access

How can I get access to QuoteWerks Web?


You have two options to get early access to QuoteWerks Web:

1) Use a DEMO instance:

    We can give you credentials to a demo instance of QuoteWerks Web for you to explore.
    This will not have your own data or your CRM integration.
    This is a simple fast way to take a quick look and test drive QuoteWerks Web.
    To go this route, contact the QuoteWerks Sales Team to request these credentials by phone at 407-248-1481 or by email sales@quotewerks.com

2) Connect to your Data:

     There are instructions below on how to setup QuoteWerks Web to connect to your live QuoteWerks data - which will have your own data and CRM integration.
    This involves setup and/or migration but gives you the full capabilities of QuoteWerks Web.


Tell me about QuoteWerks Web

QuoteWerks Web is finally getting close to it's version 1.0 release - AND YOU'VE BEEN INVITED to an Early Access!

QuoteWerks Web connects to your existing SQL backend installation of QuoteWerks enabling you to instantly access all of your existing quotes. QuoteWerks Web is a hybrid cloud solution - we host the web app and you host your data.

QuoteWerks Web is accessed through a web browser at na.quotewerks.com. QuoteWerks Web is designed to be used from a laptop or desktop computer - not on a phone or tablet.

Your web account will be configured to use your backend SQL database wherever it is hosted. You can host your SQL database on your network and expose it to the internet, or you can host your SQL database on Amazon RDS or Microsoft Azure. Ultimately you will need to decide if you want to host your SQL server internally on your network and expose it to the internet, or move your SQL database to Amazon RDS which hosts the database which is internet accessible from the start. If your current QuoteWerks backend is MS Access you can actually use the Utilities-> Rehost Backend to SQL menu, and supply the credentials for your Amazon RDS SQL server and your databases will be rehosted to Amazon RDS.  If your current QuoteWerks backend is already MS SQL then you will have to manually migrate your SQL database over to Amazon RDS using the SQL Management Studio.

QuoteWerks Web is not a complete replacement for the robust and feature rich QuoteWerks Desktop which has been developed over 23 years. It will take time before it can fully do everything QuoteWerks Desktop can do.  Click here for specifics on what functionality it has at this time which includes the basics of being able to use the web version of QuoteWerks to create, edit, and view your quotes from anywhere using a web browser.

What we are looking for from Early Access participants:

In this Early Access phase we are just looking to get some companies playing around with QuoteWerks Web in a basic capacity. Most importantly the process of doing the initial setup, including connecting it with your QuoteWerks Desktop database.

QuoteWerks Web is not a complete replacement for QuoteWerks Desktop and will take years to get to that point (like all other companies).

Mostly we are looking for feedback on what the basic set of needs will be for an initial release. We believe we have covered most of them at this point, but the purpose of this Early Access phase is to collect feedback from our users to make sure there is nothing that we overlooked. This webpage describes the feature set QuoteWerks Web has at this time.


Support & Feedback for QuoteWerks Web


Submitting Feedback and Questions

We have created a QuoteWerks Web Early Access forum. When we invited you to this Early Access we also granted you access to this forum. Please post your questions and suggestions on the forum. If you do not have access to the forum, please email support@quotewerks.com.

Support for QuoteWerks Web

If you encounter an issue with your usage of the QuoteWerks Web Early Access, we ask that you please submit a ticket with screen shots and a detailed description of what steps caused you to encounter the issue.

QuoteWerks Web support falls under normal QuoteWerks support. You can send emails to the QuoteWerks Technical Support Team at support@quotewerks.com . You can also call in for phone support per the standard phone support policies.


QuoteWerks Web Setup Instructions


  1. You must have the Corporate Edition of QuoteWerks.
  2. Your QuoteWerks installation must be re-hosted to the SQL backend
  3. You need to have QuoteWerks Desktop version 5.3 Build 1.01 or higher installed. You can download the latest build from the interim page www.quotewerks.com/interim.asp
  4. Your SQL Server must be accessible from the internet.
  5. You will need a QuoteValet Tenant Account and you will need a trial subscription of QuoteWerks Web setup on your QuoteValet tenant account.


  1. In QuoteWerks choose Tools->Options menu and click on the Cloud Account tab.
  2. Make sure that your QuoteValet Tenant Account Number and password are entered on this screen and click the [Test] button to make sure is working.
  3. Click on the [QuoteWerks Web Setup] button to display the QuoteWerks Web Setup window. On this window click the [Check Account Status]. If no errors are returned proceed.
  4. Click the [Change Settings] button and enter the SQL Server Host. This is the internet address needed to connect to your Internet exposed SQL server. Also enter the UserName and Password for this SQL Server and click [Save].
  5. When prompted choose YES to test the settings. If the test is successful, then proceed.
  6. Next, click on the [Synchronize] button and choose [Sync up]. When the synchronization process is complete, click [Close].
  7. Then click [Close] on the QuoteWerks Web Setup screen.
  8. Then click [Ok] on the Tools->Options screen.
  9. Now, in a web browser, go to na.quotewerks.com, and enter in your Tenant Account Number, QuoteWerks UserName and password. You are now logged into QuoteWerks Web.




When clicking the [Sync Up] button, QuoteWerks Desktop will copy up to the QuoteWerks Web Server the files in the \QuoteWerks\Resources folder that do not contain "_QuoteValet_" in the file name.

Synched Folders
\{root folder} (ONLY .ini .dbt)
\Layouts (NO .zip)
\Covers (NO .zip)
\Images (NO .zip)
\LeaseRateCards (NO .zip)
\Literature (NO .zip)
\Specs (NO .zip)
\Resources (NO .zip)

Any files with these extensions are not uploaded:

Any files with these names are not uploaded:



Quick Reference:

Here is where you can see the version 1.0 release feature set:

Here is where you can download the latest QuoteWerks Build:


Here is the link to the QuoteWerks Web Early Access forum (where you can post questions about QuoteWerks Web):